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Since 1992 Club Vest® Has offered the best leather motorcycle vests, biker vests, MC vests & club cuts with concealed carry in denim too. We ship out your order the same or next business day. See why our service and products have earned so many 5 star reviews & we are the #1 biker trusted online store around the world. Fast, dependabled, Guaranteed.  NOTE to friends & customers WORLDWIDE: To see the battle a small business person has to wage because of unauthorized items being sold on eBay, Amazon & God knows where else is UN-EFFING believable. An Attorney gets them removed & 20 more pop up. I have been riding since 1976, I am a disabled vet & have a wife with a bad heart & health problems. I coined the term in 76, & founded the company in 1992 & it IS a Federal Trademark, Club Vest® It is not only unfair but financialy devastating. The fake items being DUMPED & sales are bad because most get negative reviews and are junk in my humble opinion & we have lost between an est $150K & 200K or more in sales this YEAR. If a listing does not have the red&gold logo on leather or denim, IT IS NOT MINE. Please support us and not buy these others, tell your friends to be sure to get the real deal its ClubVest.com BestMotorcycleVest.com or eBay at our store or Amazon with OUR Logo. rant over, feel free to share, thank you 


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